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"The Advisor is the person whose job and whose joy it is to cultivate a relationship with each student in their advisory." 

- 10th grade BHS Advisor

What is Advisory?

Advisory is a group of about 15 students and an adult advisor that meets meet four times each week. The purpose of Advisory is to provide a group of students with an advisor who knows each advisee well and helps each to achieve personal and educational goals. 

Goals for Advisory at BHS in the 2016-2017 school year:
  1. Advisors know students well, including their educational goals and their academic standing.
  2. Advisories support students in working toward their academic and personal goals, as well as their post-high school plans.
  3. Advisory is a collaborative learning community for students to connect with each other and the advisor.

When do Advisories meet?

Advisories meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for 35 minutes.  Two advisory blocks each week are dedicated to planned conversations and activities, and two advisory blocks will focus on academic work time with advisors having time to individually check in with students.  Advisories do not meet on Wednesdays.

What are Personal Learning Plans?

BHS students are developing a Personal Learning Plan (PLP).  A Personal Learning Plan:
  • identifies students’  personal and academic goals, learning styles, abilities, and interests;
  • connects student goals with the BHS Graduate Expectations; and
  • plans a path towards graduation.
PLPs will be reviewed and updated frequently as students move from grade to grade and provide an opportunity for students in their senior year to demonstrate they have met school expectations and are ready to graduate.
Why PLPs?

PLPs increase student accountability and investment in their own learning. Students are more likely to succeed in school, the community, personal life and work when they recognize their skills, abilities and knowledge and can apply them to planning for their future.  Personal Learning Plans:
  • allow flexibility in students’ academic pathways;
  • provide a working structure for students to see growth in academics and personal/social areas; and
  • give students, parents, and other adults opportunities to observe student progress beyond a letter grade.

For More Information

For more information about Advisory: contact Advisory Coordinator Nadya Bech-Conger at bhsadvisory@bsdvt.org.
For more information about Personal Learning Plans: contact Gayle Botehlo at gbotelho@bsdvt.org.

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