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YES 2017 Student Feedback​




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Burlington High School concludes the second semester of school with the Year End Studies session. As part of the academic school calendar, the YES session offers all students of the BHS community exciting alternatives for learning. These non-traditional courses expand student understanding and inspire new student interests. Intensive, interest-driven opportunities enhance enthusiasm for learning and strengthen relationships within BHS and the Burlington community.

Why YES?
  • Transforms school culture
  • Creates a springboard for students to create PLPs and goals
  • Intensifies student-focused study
  • Provides equitable opportunities; any student can take any course
  • Improves and encourages connections with the community
  • Provides extra student interventions (credit recovery)
  • Groups students by interest not ability
  • Creates and renews relationships between peers AND students/teachers
  • Increases opportunities for experiential learning
  • Extends and expands teaching opportunities
  • Encourages responsible risk taking
  • Challenges our comfort limits
  • Provides opportunities to share our passions
  • Increases student choice
What is the Purpose and History of YES?  Session Dates
The 2017 YES Session will run from May 31st through June 13th, 2017.  The Presentation of Learning day (POL Day) will take place from 8:05-1:00pm on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017.

Students can opt to participate in: 
  • Two half-day courses (morning/afternoon)
  • One full-day course (9:30-2:15pm)
  • BTC class and one half-day YES course
  • Travel learning experience (added cost to student)
  • Independent Study for Juniors and Seniors (application required)
Course descriptions will be accessible on the BHS website (link above) for students to read prior to registration. An online registration form will be available for all students to complete from Tuesday, December 1st – Friday, December 4th. Students will select their top five choices for full-day classes or select their top five morning classes and top five afternoon classes. Course assignments will be posted after the February break. There is no add/drop period for YES classes.

All students must attend and participate every day during the YES Session including the Presentation of Learning (POL) day. Reminder: The YES session is an intensive 10-day session and part of the academic school year, please schedule all appointments before the start of YES or in the afternoons after 2:15 p.m. Please plan family vacations after the last day school Wednesday, June 8th.
*Any absences will be reviewed by the YES Session coordinators and administration to determine if a student will receive YES credit.

8:15-9:15 Credit Recovery 
9:30-11:30 Morning Course 
11:30-12:15 Lunch 
12:15-2:15 Afternoon Course 
2:30-3:30 Credit Recovery
Full-Day Courses run 9:30-2:15 and include a lunch break.​

Credit/No Credit

Graduation Requirement 
Successful completion in YES Session for each year at BHS is a graduation requirement. A special note to seniors: Seniors who fail to earn YES Session credit will NOT be eligible to graduate and receive their diploma. The senior must successfully complete a YES Session option for YES credit recovery (see section below).

Options for Students Who Do Not Earn Credit for the YES Session 
Students who fail to earn YES credit, can recover the YES Session credit by successfully completing one of the following: 
  • To enroll in a college course through College Connections (grades 10-12)
  • Attend an academic camp or institute (prior approval required)
*If a student is not eligible for the above options, a meeting with YES coordinators and administration is required to develop a plan for recovering YES credit.

Credit Recovery 
Credit Recovery is for students who fail a course during the regular school year with an overall year average of 53%-59%. Credit for a course is earned pending teacher approval.

BTC Students 
Students participating in BTC programs will attend their BTC classes as regularly scheduled AND participate in one YES course. For example, if you take a morning BTC class you will take an afternoon YES course.