Burlington High School Home Page


The following administrators and staff members at Burlington High School are pleased to serve Burlington students, families, and community members:

Tracy Racicot, Principal
    Coordinator of School Academics and Programs, Faculty and Staff, Student Services     
    Designated Administrator for Harassment and Bullying Complaints
    Contact Information: tracicot@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8411

Noel Green, Assistant Principal
    Coordinator of Student Conduct and Management Grades 9-12
    Designated Administrator for Harassment and Bullying Complaints
    Contact Information: ngreen@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8418

Herb Perez, Assistant Principal/Social Studies Teacher
    Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    Supervision, Evaluation, and Professional Learning
    Contact Information: hperez@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8404

Mario Macias, Guidance Director
    Coordinator of Guidance and School Counseling Programs
    Counselor to Students with last names J-L
    Designated Administrator for Harassment and Bullying Complaints
    Contact Information: mmacias@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8581

Jim Drown, Student Services Director
    Coordinator of Special Education
    504 Case Manager
    Contact Information: jdrown@bsdvt.org, 802-540-0818

Adam Provost, Director, Burlington Technical Center, aprovost@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8426
Joan Siegal, Student Services Coordinator, Burlington Technical Center, jsiegal@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8423

Jeanne Hulsen, Athletic Director, jhulsen@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8516
Josh Edelbaum, School-Based Clinician/Social Worker, jedelbau@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8581
Manny Robertson, Attendance Interventionist, mroberts@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8406
Jesse Cope, Planning Room/In-School Suspension Room Coordinator, jcope@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8585
Brian DiFranco, School Resource Officer, bdifranc@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8409
Margo Austin, Student Assistance Program/Substance Abuse Counselor, maustin@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8581
tbd, Prevention Coordinator, jmckeown@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8581
Tom Ryan, Substitute Teacher Coordinator, twryan@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8411 
Henri Sparks, District Equity Director, hsparks@bsdvt.org, 802-865-4168

Heather Sienkiewicz, Data Manager, hsienkie@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8414
Colleen McSweeney, Student Registrar, cmcsween@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8581
Cyndi Sullivan, Main Office Assistant, csulliva@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8411
Lisa Straley, Main Office Assistant, lstraley@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8410
Wilhelmenia Kirk, Student Affairs Office Assistant, wkirk@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8406
Barbara Dusablon, Student Affairs Office Assistant (mornings, bdusablo@bsdvt.org, 802-864-8409